"Honor Ancient Ways"  Metal Sculpture



Nancy Sampson (Chiana Arts)

telephone: 612-338-3163
E-mail: samsonzebi@hotmail.com

Photography, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Color Consultant


I knew at a very young age that artmaking was my calling in life. Iíve been shooting photographs for the last 30 years. When at home, I work in a whole array of materials and enjoy working out the details and unforeseen happenstances. I believe that when wrapped in nature everything is intrinsically flawless and invite spirit to work through me to capture itsí essence. Over and over, I am drawn to organic forms, rich textures and high color. I love being enveloped by vast oceans of turquoise-ness and immersing myself in an entirely foreign backdrop. Iím obsessed with windows and doorways as metaphor. I also love to recycle whenever possible and often it is the materials themselves that dictate their use. I am the mother of two amazing children and an active Seward resident.


"Embrace" Metal Sculpture

"Monoliths"  Tiya, Ethiopia

Handmade Wall hanging